Come test IMETRIC by Thalgo at Villa Marlioz!

Discover the true nature of your skin and its specific needs!

A revolutionary device for deep and precise analysis of cutaneous parameters. Your 100% personalized beauty order so you can discover Thalgo.

Imetric Thalgo (ingenious skin analysis) makes a professional diagnosis including 10 analyzes in 10 minutes so that each skin discovers its true nature. Whether it is body morphology or adipose tissue typology, each measurement is analyzed by a powerful and intuitive microprocessor. Are concerned: homogeneity, pigmentation, texture, biological age, firmness, quality, luminosity, skin texture and shine.

Then, a tailor-made prescription – composed of professional care and daily cosmetics – is developed to optimize the qualities and comfort of each skin according to its own nature and to sublimate it every day. And each diagnosis is kept in memory in order to assess the improvement induced by the prescribed beauty care and routines.

Imetric is the first Thalgo exclusive face and body analyzer with a concentration of 6 technologies in a single analytical and non-wired probe. Combining ergonomics, practicality, precision measurement and analysis, this skin-device is equipped with sensors and HD cameras for a complete screening of nature and skin quality. “